“Corporate wear is the start-point for a total image concept.” – Simon Chang

Simon Chang style takes flight. Simon’s latest corporate wear takeover is SkyService,  flight employees and ground crew wear stylish new uniforms from Simon Chang Corporate Apparel Division as they man flights heading to destinations in Canada, the United States, Caribbean, and beyond.

Other organizations whose image is enhanced by Simon Chang corporate wear: Air Transat, Royal Air, Quebec’s provincial police force, and the Ontario fire marshals.

You still only get one chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is that old saying more true than in the corporate world. It is through its staff – from front-line personnel to boardroom executives – that a company meets the public. There should be a perfect fit between staff image and what the firm projects via advertising and the media. Yet so often, they are completely mismatched!

That’s where Simon Chang’s expertise comes in. In his hands, corporate attire becomes standardized across the board – with panache! And, of course, an element of practicality. Gone is “what to wear’ anxiety, in always-appropriate suits and separates for men and women, as well as outerwear.

Corporate identity . . . enhanced to the max. Simon draws upon over 20 years as a multi-faceted fashion designer. Which includes a company with a uniform division, specializing in the healthcare sector. “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of combining fashion, image and practicality all in one,” he says.

Value added: Simon Chang takes a comprehensive, brand-building approach to corporate wear. In his hands, it’s about total corporate identity, and making the message consistent and effective.